Thursday, January 12, 2012

Max Ernst

In the first image sort of dancing at a rooster who is standing on a ball. There is a man lying dead in the background. To be honest I can't find any meaning in this image.. Maybe the rooster is this ladies god and she did his bidding and pushed the man in the background down the stairs. She is also offering him a plate of food. In the second image there is a bird man standing over the lady from before. She appears to be dead. Maybe she did not please the bird gods. The rooster from before looks on. His position in the image suggests now that he is not her bird god and this man is now the bird god. He must be a lower deity. The next image shows more bird gods and they are burying the dead worshipper from before. The cascate is nice so maybe she didn't actually displease them like I had initially thought. It seems they have a new worshipper, the naked lady in the background. Oh no in the next image they seem to be sacrificing their new worshipper. She looks pretty casual about it. There is a skull and cross bones on the slab she lays on. Her death seems imminent. There is some more worshippers in the background. In the next image the bird god is really upset. Maybe the other one killed the girl on the floor without the angry birds permission. two small roosters stand around and pretend not to notice the bird god being upset. In the last image there is a man dancing at a lady and one of the bird god looks upon them from a door. I think he is planning to kill them.

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