Monday, February 6, 2012

A Contract with God and Blankets

A Contract with God by Will Eisner was very well done. It's stories are more dark and gritty than you see in a lot of comics. Every ending had a bitterness to it that left you worse off then before. It reminded me a bit of the movie "Requiem for a Dream"; not really for the plot but more of the downward slopping story arch. I imagine Eisner himself must have been a dark and depressed sort of fellow. This sort of comic really  emphasizes the fact that comics are not just for children. There was nothing in it that would even be acceptable for a child. I think the inking style that Eisner uses really enhances the dark dirty city feeling that goes throughout the whole book. I really loved reading this. It is the type of comic that I am into; real stories filled with tragedy and sadness. I think the story with the little girl and the tenement Super was the most disturbing. I feel bad for the super getting killed, but you really can't feel to bad because he paid a little girl to lift her shirt up.... but you can't feel to bad for the girl either because she was scheming to steal his money. I guess the only real victim in that story ist he super's dog she poisoned... Eisner did a great job setting that up and making both the little girl and the Super unlikeable characters. He does that in all of the stories really. Eisner is a master of his craft.

Blankets, like Contract with God, deals with some darker subject matters, but unlike Contract with God is has a lot of beauty. When I read Blankets if felt really poetic. I really enjoy readying biographies so this comic was great for me. I admire Thompsons candidness about all the bad things that he went through as a kid. It must be hard to have to relive those events and draw them for all the world to see. I looove comics that are inked with a brush, and Thompson handles it so well. This was my second time reading Blankets, but it's such a great comic I could probably read it again. It's beautiful.

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