Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jack Cole and Plastic Man

When I first picked up Jack Cole and Plastic Man I was pretty unenthused about having to read it. At first glance it didn’t really look like the sort of comic I would typically read, but after I got through the first story I was really enjoying it! It’s so ridiculous and campy; It reminds me of the old 60’s Batman movie. In the first story the villain is so ridiculous. What type of villain hoards cute kids to extort money out of people! I very much like the art style of this comic. It’s so graphic and appealing and it’s made all the more interesting by how they printed the comic to look like a old original copy (random stains and all). Going from panel to panel feels a little choppy in the comic. A lot is left up to the words to tell you what is happening, which is ok. Its nice that they put these extra pages in this book that talk about the comic. They are pretty interesting to read. I think now that I’ve read it I will have to go get the newer comic that they came out with and watch the TV show too!

I also read one of Carl Bark’s Donald Duck story. I found it really cute and cartoony. It was a lot different then Plastic man. Although it did have some of the silliness that Plastic Man did. I read a story about a horse race between Donald and his nephews, and all through the story Donald is trying to cheat to win the race, but then at the end it turns out the last place person is the winner, which is just a silly way to end it. It was a mild punch line, and I kind of wished it had ended more cleverly. It’s funny, having grown up with Duck Tales, it’s really hard to read a comic about it and not put in the voices from the show.  

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