Monday, April 9, 2012

Fun Home

So I read Fun Home this past week and I have to say it was my favorite things I have read all semester. I couldn't put it down. I was actually almost late for a class because I didn't want to stop reading it! Biographical comics are my favorite genre so that helped peak my interest in it. As soon as I started reading it I felt an instant connection to the family. It is very similar to mine in a lot of ways; how they interact with each other, their constant redecorating, and their booky introverted nature.

I liked how the author/artist did a nonlinear time structure for the comics; it kept it interesting, the constant flipping back and forth from past to future. The art was also really appealing to me. I thought the style worked well with the subject of the book. It was simplified cartoony but not super cartoony and the line quality wasn't perfect, which I liked.

I feel bad for Alison, she has to live the rest of her life thinking that her coming out is what drove her father to kill himself. It seems like an enormous burden. In reality I’m sure there were a million reasons for his suicide.

I was expecting the funeral home to play a larger part in the story, but it was really pretty minor, just another detail of their abnormal life. All the constant literary references in the comic really made me was to go read the books if mentioned.

It was really sad when the comic ended. It’s one of those pieces that you read and it sticks with you for a while.

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