Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ghost World

Ghost world was a weird and interesting comic. Having grown up in the 90's I think I can relate to it. It has a familiar feeling. I can also relate to it, having moved away from my home town and leaving my best friend from high school. I guess that is what makes it such a good comic, is the relatability. It can be hard sometimes when you now you have a grow as a person, but you don't want to leave behind someone who might not be ready to enter the next phase of life.
It's funny, the characters were not really likable until close to the end. The main character seemed so mean all the time. I didn't fully understand why the blond girl hung out with her. I did really like how there hobby was watching and analyzing strange people. It made me want to go find a small dinner and do the same. The story had an undertone of sadness throughout the whole thing. The end was definitely bittersweet. It was good that both characters where growing but to do that they had to separate. It was a good ending because it felt real. That's what happens in life, things change, people change, and they move on.
I liked the art style, especially the blue shading. The blue shading was really appealing, and also for some reason to me makes it feel like the 90's. I think that might just be a personal association though. I liked that the artist drew most of the characters as ugly. It added to the "realness" of the comic.

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