Monday, April 16, 2012

JTHM and Webcomics

I have been a fan of Johnen Vasquez’s works since I was around 15.  I had read all of the Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comics around that time, so it was a bit nostalgic to revisit them. The comics are pretty dark. It has sort of a dry dark comedic quality. I don’t think I find it as entertaining as I did when I was younger. It’s still pretty funny. Mostly how matter of fact NNY’s attitude is about the violence he commits.  The art style is very dingy and ugly and it plays in nicely with the subject matter of the comic.
 All of the comics have side comics within them, like Noodle Boy. I like some of them but I never liked Noodle Boy. I didn’t find him funny. I do however love Squee. The Squee book is my favorite in the JTHM series. I love that NNY and Squee have this sort of friendship thing. I’m glad that Johnen Vasquez never had NNY kill squee… that would have made my stop reading the comic.  

I am a big fan of web comics. I have several regulars that I read and I often will come across a new web comic, devour it and move on. My three regular comics that I keep up with are FAMIB, Kagarou, and Paranatural. FAMIB and Kagarou are comics I’ve been following since I was a teenager. Paranatural is a new one that I’ve added to my mix this past year.

FAMIB, which stands for Fire Always Makes it Better, is a dark comic that takes place in an alternate futuristic reality. It follows the journey of a quiet dark boy named Thomas who is somehow linked to a murderous dragon. In the world of the comic, dragons are like any other animal on the planet, but the one that is linked to Thomas is different. It can talk and has the same intelligence as a human. The world that Britt C. H. has created is very complete and it draws you in.

Kagerou is about Kano, who is a psychotic red headed wimp who gets pulled from the normal world into an alternate dimension. Kano is pulled there by the Gods of that world who have chosen him as their savior. Kano is very wimpy and mentally unstable so he doesn’t really make a good savior. He is also possessed by other people who pop up from time to time and cause havok. It’s a very long, and very interesting comic. It sadly doesn’t update to regularly. Sometimes the author will start updating weekly and other times you can go a few months waiting for something new.

Paranatural is a new comic. It’s not very far into the story yet, but I am interested by it. It’s about a kid who moves to a new town and he starts to see ghosts. The art for the comic is just great. The characters expressions are hilarious. I wont say much about the plot since it’s not to far into the story and I don’t want to ruin anything.  It’s a fun read though.

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